How the Registration Process Works

Step 1 - Register Your Account

In order to get the Private-Men Listing with F-CH Theory and Certification Package worth $679,- you will have to register your account first.

Step 2 - Create Your Profile Listing

Once you have registered your account you will be able to create a Profile listing with us.  This listing might get approved right away or it might need time to get improved to a point where it is good enough to be shared on our PP platform. We will help you to improve this profile with free advice in guidance regarding your profile listing on our Youtube Channel. Once approved you will be notified by email and or our youtube channel.

Step 3 - Launching your profile

Once your profile is approved it will be published on our Platform. This means it will be visible for the whole world and you will directly receive bookings from interested clients. 

Step 4 - Getting your profile certified

Once your profile is published you can start your F-CH course for the F-CH Certification. Once you have achieved this certification your profile listing will be verified on our profile showing a verified sign. Also your account is now eligible to use the PP system when it’s going to get launched.